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AllGuns is the business unit for arms trade, sales, import, export and services.




Allguns.ch is the online sales platform for gun enthusiasts, ammunition and accessories for professionals and individuals, launched in 2021, for Switzerland and Europe.

The platform offers a wide range of items and clear information in accordance with Swiss laws.


We routinely import material subject to Swiss arms legislation from all over the world. From Pakistani accessories to Slovakian firearms, including Israeli vehicles, we travel all over the world to follow the business from negotiation to reception.


For individuals, we take care of material transfer to Switzerland, including the engraving of our import number directly in our workshop.


For businesses, we are actively looking for new partners interested in expanding their market to Switzerland. We are distributors and resellers in the public and civil markets.






We conduct arms trade predominantly from Continental Europe to the rest of the world.

We provide weapons systems in accordance with Swiss laws and international regulations.


We export products from Switzerland to all over the world according to the needs of our partners.

We are looking for additional long-term partners worldwide to promote products of Swiss provenance, manufactured by Kayro or available on the Swiss market.



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About Us

Kayro LLC. is a group active in R&D, digital solutions and global defense trade. The company's activities are fully compliant with Swiss laws and international regulations.

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