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About us

Kayro is standing for innovative approach with results since its launch in 2018. A technological start in an analog area, propels the development of both in-house and external projects in record time with high quality.

The mindset of a startup with a team of experienced and hands-on engineers, leads Kayro to become the benchmark in defense research and development.

Simultaneously, Kayro is an actor of the global arms trade and provides turn key digital solutions. The company’s activities are fully compliant with Swiss laws and international regulations.


March 2021

First weapon import out of Europe delivered with Swiss market exclusivity.

Official launch of AllGuns.ch, the online shop for weapons in Switzerland and their accessories to the world.



January 2021

A prototype batch of 100 kruik rifles is produced locally to be evaluated by army and police specialists who validate design 68. A second batch is issued in the next month.

December 2020

Crossing the 5th Website mark completed and online.

Research project combining IOT and machine learning as a competence demonstrator completed.
Developed in less than 30 days, a camera is attached to a portable 3D printed structure allowing motion detection and person recognition at 360 degrees, autonomously. It can be remotely controlled via the mobile network or warn as soon as an abnormal situation is identified.

November 2020

The first batch of 1250 Kruik 9×19 come out of local manufacturing after months of development and refinement. The solution 48 is compatible with the majority of double stack weapons (pistols, rifles, submachine guns, …) and most single stack ones.

October 2020

First import of a weapon of European origin and first commercial exclusivity for the Swiss market.

August 2020

The arms trade license is delivered and the commercial operations start. The prototype has passed the proof-of-concept, looks-like and works-like test with flying colors, it measures and analyzes the movements of a shot autonomously and provides the weapon’s signature. Unfortunately, the company holds on the development of the training tool due to miniaturization issues.

The head quarters are established in the office in Sierre, Switzerland.

Mai 2020

Development of the first Kayro.ch website. Following this initial project, several requests arrived to build “business card”, showcase and e-commerce websites from individuals and companies. Start of WebAlp activities, the WebDev unit of Kayro.

March 2020

Moving the offices to route du Rawyl 38, 3960 Sierre, Switzerland. As the company grows, it became necessary to increase the available space to a nice 120 meter square space for a manufacturing area, storage, offices and a hospitality area.

October 2019

Official request for weapon trade license and first MVP of the electronic training system.

July 2019

Creation of the legal entity Kayro LLC. based in Visp and active in research and development, production of goods in the fields of electronics and simulation. The main motive being the application for an arms trading license. The aim is to to freely handle, modify and develop as well as trade in weapons, accessories and other products subject to weapons and firearms regulations. The official request has been send

January 2019

Official start of the Kayro project in collaboration with a company in Valais, Switzerland. The name is derived from “kairos”, the concept of the right moment in Greek mythology. Kairos is the T moment of opportunity: before is too soon, and after is too late.

Project Kayro is an individual training tool similar to MantisX. The accessory allows for a data-driven approach to firearms mastery alone or in group. It can be attached to any weapon and analyzes every shot. It generates information that allows the shooter to improve.
The version for professionals provides a vibratory analysis of the weapon and obtain its unique vibratory signature. It measures extremely precisely weapon mouvements during the shoot phase and analyzes various parameters such as the speeds of opening the bolt, quality of absorption, parasitic vibration, true rate of fire and more.

September 2018

The beginning of what will become Kayro. After long nights of scrutinizing malice during their same student jobs, two 25 year old engineers set out to develop a weapons training tool in their spare time.

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About Us

Kayro LLC. is a group active in R&D, digital solutions and global defense trade. The company's activities are fully compliant with Swiss laws and international regulations.

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